ASEAN Blue Innovation Challenge

ASEAN Blue Innovation Challenge

Online, ALL, Viet Nam

Wed, 15 May 2024 to Sat, 01 Mar 2025



Climate Issues

Climate change presents significant challenges to critical sectors of the blue economy, including fisheries, aquaculture, and tourism. Traditional approaches alone are insufficient to address these challenges, necessitating the exploration of novel solutions. Innovators, with their adaptability and inventive spirit, emerge as pivotal actors in the development of transformative technologies aimed at mitigating and adapting to climate impacts, thereby fostering a more sustainable future


Marine Plastic Pollution

Our oceans are facing a serious plastic pollution problem, which harms marine life and ecosystems and even affects our food chain. While traditional methods like beach clean-ups and recycling help, they are not enough to tackle the millions of tons of plastic entering the oceans every year. To really make a difference, fresh ideas from innovators are needed. Their knack for thinking differently and shaking up old ways of doing things is key. 


Sustainable Fisheries

In recent decades, the rising global demand for fish has driven the development of fishing technology. However, this has led to overexploitation of fishery resources due to unsustainable practices. Consequently, fish stocks are heavily exploited, and critical marine and freshwater ecosystems are severely degraded, endangering their long-term survival. Urgent action is needed, and innovators, with their agility and fresh perspectives, hold the key to developing innovative technologies and solutions ensuring not only healthy fish stocks but also thriving local communities for generations to come.

Sustainable Tourism

Unsustainable tourism management in coastal, freshwater, and marine zones often harms delicate environments, exploiting resources and contributing to pollution. Innovation holds the key in shifting towards sustainable practices - from eco-friendly lodging and low-impact transportation to empowering local communities and promoting regenerative tourism models. Only through creative solutions can we ensure thriving destinations, responsible tourist behaviour, and sustainable future.

Targeted Countries

Participant Requirements

A minimum of 3 (three) people representing a legal entity/organization

The team is required to have male and female members, ensuring gender balance

Team members must be at least 18 years old and have legal identity as a citizen in ASEAN member states and/or Timor-Leste

Submit registration and administrative requirements according to the provisions through the online form

Have at least 1 (one) years in operation OR established before April 2023

Have good financial standing, proven with record of ongoing and completed projects in the last 1 year and a reference from  previous client/partner.